Hey guys,

thanks for checking out my blog!

I have to share with the world that there is a distro which I wanna try and keep it as my favorite linux distro : ELIVE 2.0.

The reason is simple: ELIVE IS SIMPLE TO USE(RELATIVELY)  AND it has GORGEOUS INTERFACE! MAN YOU have to try once. As you should know that linux distros’ bring life to old PC’s that too brilliantly.

By using this distro you will double your interst in linux. –NO EXAGGERATION FRIENDS!

The compiz environment and graphical interaction brings smile on your face for the customizations it has.

STRAIGHT & SIMPLE features that I like:

1. Simple interface and high customizations of graphics(since I am sucker for that)

2. A lot of apps and addons. and elegant working environment.

4. Simple accessing apps and a total refreshment on experience as a previous windows User.

5. Nothing less than windows and more than what you want.

6.A lot more!!!

I will add screenshots soon!!.

Thanks for your time. Try It!!

have a sizzling time!!

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